| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

Abyad: COVID-19 status allows us ease procedures

Minister of Public Health, Firas Abyad, announced, during a press conference at the Saray, that “the number of people infected with corona is declining, which allows us to ease the procedures, but the decrease in the demand for receiving the vaccine slows down this process.”
Later, Rafic Hariri University Hospital announced its COVID-19 and it stated:
Number of Vaccines taken in the COVID-19 Vaccine Center:
Pfizer: 300
The number of tests conducted in the hospital laboratories during the past 24 hours: 300
The number of patients infected who are in the hospital for follow-up: 37
The number of suspected cases during the past 24 hours: 7
The number of recoveries during the past 24 hours: 1
The total number of recoveries from inside the hospital till date: 1614
The number of cases that were transferred from the intensive care unit to the isolation unit after their condition improved: 0
The number of critical cases inside the hospital: 19
The number of fatalities: 0

  • Sawt Beirut International