| 14 July 2024, Sunday |

Abyad: no urgent issues to hold government sessions soon

Caretaker Health Minister Firas Al-Abyad stressed that “there are no urgent issues to hold cabinet sessions soon, unlike the previous session, which was an urgent necessity to secure funding for incurable diseases, cancer, and hospital coverage.”

In an interview with “Voice of All Lebanon” radio, he considered that “Hezbollah’s goal in participating in the session is to take a decision on emergency provisions to facilitate citizen’s affairs.”

“We met two days ago with the Social Security Committee and with Minister Hajjar, and we are ready to solve any issue, and the relationship between the ministers is excellent,” the minister added.

Regarding the donation of medicines from Iran, Minister Abyad affirmed that “the ministry is ready to accept assistance from any country in the world, and there are two conditions for accepting medicines, the first being quality, and the second not being subject to sanctions after import.”


  • NNA