| 19 June 2024, Wednesday |

After a tumultuous night… Here are latest developments in Al-Kahaleh.

After a turbulent night, a calm atmosphere prevails in Al-Kahaleh, as the mayor of the town confirmed that both the party and the state are responsible for what occurred yesterday.

Security personnel arrived in Al-Kahaleh to conduct a security survey for collecting samples and necessary evidence, as the truck had skidded.

According to information from MTV, the security personnel involved in the survey in Al-Kahaleh stated, “We are doing what we can. This operation should have taken place immediately after the incident occurred, not now. The survey might still be helpful, but it would have been more useful if it had been conducted in a timely manner.”

The military removed the truck from the road, and the highway is open in both directions. The army is present without any movement or gathering of residents.

Security forces and military vehicles are stationed at various points near Al-Kahaleh in adjacent areas such as Qammatieh and the road leading to Aley.

  • Sawt Beirut International