| 23 June 2021, Wednesday |

After AstraZeneca Marathon’s success, Medical Association calls for PCR Marathon

The head of Lebanese Social Medical Association, Professor Raef Rida, called in a statement for conducting  a “PCR marathon”  so “we can accurately determine the real number of Covid infected, since many citizens and residents did not conduct a PCR test for financial reasons, as a result of the stifling economic situation, as the numbers issued by the ministry, includes people with acceptable financial status. And thus, we will be able to count the cases, follow up, treat and monitor them, especially that only 10% of the Lebanese and residents have been vaccinated and that community immunity has not been achieved because it requires vaccinating about 80%. So the PCR marathon will contribute to detecting the affected cases, and prevention will contributed in restricting it . We fear the increase in the number of cases as a result of the issuance of low numbers, which encourages escape and failure to take preventive measures, which will bring us back to starting point,  as long as community immunity is not achieved, and therefore we appeal to the Ministry of Health to speed up work on the completion of the PCR Marathon, as  a service for health and social security.