| 8 December 2022, Thursday |

After gasoline plate touching 700,000 L.L… Fear of stations going bankrupt

Fuel distributors held a meeting to discuss the latest developments regarding fuel prices, which are witnessing an insane rise.

Following the meeting, the representative of fuel distributors, Fadi Abu Shakra, read a statement on behalf of the meeting, in which he expressed the distributors’ concern about the insane rise in fuel prices due to the high global oil prices, in addition to the high price of the dollar on the “exchange” platform and on the black market.

He said, “After touching the price of gasoline plate 700,000 L.L., the citizen can no longer bear the burdens of this rise, and distributors are incurring many losses and have never hesitated to provide fuel to the citizens,” indicating that a number of station owners no longer have the ability to continue and secure Fuel prices in advance,” noting that “the policy followed for a long time with the owners of the stations led to their bankruptcy, and that the distributors requested an urgent appointment with the Minister of Energy, Walid Fayyad, to consult on the conditions of the sector in light of the difficulties experienced by the distributors and station owners who are heading for bankruptcy.” Demanding that “there should be a specific time for the price schedule because they are incurring large losses due to price fluctuations.”

As Abu Chakra wished on behalf of the distributors “to form a government as soon as possible,” he hoped “to reduce taxes and fees in light of the difficult and harsh conditions that Lebanon, the Lebanese, and the hydrocarbon sector in particular, are going through,” and announced “the distributors’ support for the rightful demands of the land transport sector unions.”

  • Sawt Beirut International