| 19 October 2021, Tuesday |

After sharp discussions, The Council of Ministers’ most prominent decisions

The cabinet session headed by President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, ended its session, at Baabda Palace today.
Sharp discussion about the procedures of Judge Tariq Bitar, dominated the session, as there were sharp interventions by the Shiite ministers, rejecting his procedures, which prompted a number of ministers to leave the session, and contact with their political references.
Information indicated that the ministers of the Shiite-duo, demanded the dismissal of Judge Tariq Bitar, that led to a fierce debate in the Cabinet, which eventually led to the suspension of the Cabinet session until tomorrow.
On the other side, the Cabinet, and outside the agenda, approved the following appointments.
Appointment of Dr. Bassam Badran as President of the Lebanese University.
Appointment of Judge Albert Sarhan and lawyer Mireille Nejm, as members of the Constitutional Council.
Appointment of Judge Mohamed Al-Masry, Director General of the Ministry of Justice.
Appointing the members of the Council of Honors, Messrs.: Ali Hamad, Antoine Choucair, Adnan Daher, Brigadier General Michel Abu Rezeq, Brigadier General Ali Makki, and Mr. Ali Hamad, dean of the Council.
The Minister of Education indicated that he will present to the Council of Ministers, within two weeks, proposals for the appointment of the deans of the Lebanese University College, according to the nominations for the year 2018.
The Council of Ministers was briefed on the appointment of judges: Danny Shibli, Elias Richa, Mireille Haddad and Habib Mezher, as members of the Supreme Judicial Council, based on the proposal of the Minister of Justice and the approval of the President of the Republic and the Government.