| 16 October 2021, Saturday |

Agriculture Minister: commodity prices in the market are totally unacceptable

The Minister of Agriculture Abbas Hajj Hassan said that they are trying to restore good relations with the brotherly Arab and international countries, explaining that “the atmosphere of the Council of Ministers is positive, and this indicates that everyone wants to move one step and two steps forward.”

Hajj Hassan stressed in a television interview, that “the political atmosphere imposed itself on the sessions of the Council of Ministers, and we must be partners in taking decisions,” noting that “lifting fuel subsidies was a very difficult choice, but it abolished the black market and alleviated problems.”

Hajj Hassan explained, “We will commit to making the citizens’ concerns a priority of our work,” noting that “they will work on finding solutions to all the hurdles.”

He said that “the Ministry of Agriculture is sovereign par excellence. Every citizen has a direct relationship with it, and I will demand a higher budget. she has”.

He stressed that “the prices in the Lebanese market are not acceptable at all,” revealing that “there is a meeting with the Ministry of Economy to control price evasion.”