| 7 December 2023, Thursday |

Agriculture minister during his inauguration of “Mouneh day”: We believe managing state’s affairs is a patriotic duty

Caretaker Minister of Agriculture, Abbas Hajj Hassan, affirmed today, “We, as a political team, will attend the cabinet session next Monday, God willing, because we believe that managing the affairs of the state and public facilities that directly concern people’s livelihood in all branches is a basic national duty that cannot be abandoned…away from all constitutional and non-constitutional interpretations that might obstruct matters.”

He added: “Interpretations do not benefit the country, we need to work and combine all efforts to facilitate and unite, not to complicate, obstruct and cause disharmony.”

“We are continuing to implement our plans and strategies for the Ministry of Agriculture, and no obstruction will stop us, and we will hold any perpetrator accountable, because playing with food security is national treason par excellence,” he maintained.

The Minister’s words came during his inauguration of the “Mouneh Day” event held at Baalbek’s Castle earlier today in presence of dignitaries from the region.

Hajj Hassan referred to today’s event, which begins today from Baalbek and will be in various Lebanese regions in the coming days, as being a “message to the inside and outside, confirming our capabilities in terms of cooperative work, in participating in an economic renaissance whose starting points are agricultural, industrial and economic.”

“The centrality of cooperatives in the agricultural sector is essential, and we want them to be more effective in order to be the regulator of the relationship between farmers and the Lebanese consumer, and we also want Lebanese production to compete in foreign markets,” he asserted.

Announcing the launch of “Mouneh Day” from Baalbek, Hajj Hassan said: “We will have a station in every region of Lebanon, specifically in the castles, because we need to link the present with the past, because our history is very honorable…and this castle, how I wish it would be a destination for visitors and that a permanent agricultural and non-agricultural exhibition would be held in it.”

He thanked the Minister of Culture for facilitating the holding of today’s launching from Baalbek’s historic castle, hoping for further cooperative work in support of Lebanese farmers.

  • NNA