| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Agriculture Minister Hajj Hassan says, “We will work to halt agricultural exports to prevent a crisis”

Minister of Agriculture Abbas Hajj Hassan indicated that the ministry will work to prevent the export of agricultural and other materials in an attempt to prevent a crisis, amid the ongoing war in Ukraine.

He noted that he the first supporter of the decision to plant soft wheat in Lebanon to secure daily sustenance for the Lebanese.

In an interview with “Voice of All Lebanon”, Hajj Hassan stressed that the governmental work of Hezbollah and Amal Movement is not disruptive, but rather is directed when the need arises.

Hajj Hassan stressed that negotiations with the International Monetary Fund are proceeding rapidly, hoping that an agreement will be reached before the upcoming parliamentary elections to demonstrate to the donors how serious Lebanon is.

Regarding the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Ukrainian-Russian crisis, Hajj Hassan clarified that such positions should be discussed in the Council of Ministers, adding: “We have the right to object.”

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