| 24 September 2022, Saturday |

Ain El Remmaneh residents issue a statement about the attacks and damages

A committee from the people of Ain El Remmaneh, affected by the recent clashes, assigned a number of experts to conduct a sensory field examination of the damages that affected the area, and to draw up a complete and documented report on it, in order to set the steps that would be taken to file a complaint and determine who will be accused.

Yesterday, Defense Minister Maurice Slim considered that what happened on Thursday in Tayouneh was not an ambush but rather an ominous accident, pointing out that the circumstances of the accident will be determined by the ongoing investigation, which is based on facts and evidence that determine the responsibilities for what happened.

In an interview with the “Voice of the People” program, with the Mario Abboud, broadcasted through Sawt Beirut International and “LBCI”, Slim said: “We are dealing with the facts drawn by the investigators, and we leave them to determine this based on the cameras, witnesses, participants, and evidences.”

Slim revealed that “there are 20 detainees who are being investigated in the Tayouneh events.”

Slim considered that “the security services carried out all their duties, and the Intelligence Directorate contacted all political forces in the region, and all parties confirmed that there was no intention for the march to have negative goals or that there was an intention to oppose it, and everyone had confirmed that the march would be peaceful.”

  • Sawt Beirut International