| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Akar at Arab League meeting: To form an Arab delegation to visit Lebanon, assess situation objectively

Deputy Prime Minister, Caretaker Minister of National Defense, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Zeina Akar, on Thursday delivered a speech at the Arab League Council’s 156th regular ministerial session, in which she called for the formation of an Arab delegation to visit Lebanon and objectively assess the situation in the country.

“In the name of Lebanon, the state, and the people, I thank you all for your donations and your helping hand to Lebanon, especially following the catastrophic Beirut Port blast, as well as for the ongoing assistance to help mitigate the repercussions of the economic and social collapse that has afflicted our country,” Akar said as addressing her Arab league counterparts.

“Amid the dark economic meltdown that we endure, which has resulted in massive power cuts across Lebanon, a glimpse of hope has emerged to restore light to our country and its economy through the efforts made with each of Lebanon’s fraternal countries Egypt, Jordan, and Syria to import Egyptian gas to Lebanon through Syria,” she added, hoping that this would boost more energy cooperation future wise.

Moreover, Akar listed the successive challenges that Lebanon has been facing, such as hosting Syrian and Palestinian refugees, the repercussions of the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as the deterioration of the Lebanese political system and its dire effect on the country’s economic and social situation.

“These successive challenges have exceeded Lebanon’s endurance capabilities, but are unprecedented in Lebanon’s history. 75% of the Lebanese live below the poverty line, which sets a precedent that Lebanon has not witnessed for 100 years,” Akar explained.

“Lebanon is still suffering from daily and increasing Israeli violations in a way that terrorizes the Lebanese in populated areas, without regional or international deterrence; the Israeli enemy insists on its aggressive policy, pushing for escalation, and using the Lebanese airspace to attack Syria. We are counting on a unified Arab position in support of Lebanon confronting the arrogance of the Israeli enemy,” Akar added.

  • NNA