| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

Akar receives credentials of new Swiss Ambassador, welcomes UN delegation

Vice Prime Minister, Caretaker Minister of National Defense and Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Zeina Akar, on Thursday received a copy of the credentials of the newly appointed Swiss ambassador to Lebanon, Marion Krupski, with whom she discussed bilateral relations between the two countries.

Akar wished the Swiss ambassador success in her new mission.

Akar then welcomed Deputy Representative of the United Nations Development Program in Lebanon, Kelly Clement, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Khaleda Bouzar, Head of UNHCR Mission in Lebanon Ayaki Ito, UNDP Resident Representative Celine Moyroud, and Colonel Salah Barakat.

Talks reportedly focused on projects, development programs, and aid provided to support Lebanon and displaced Syrians.

Akar also raised “the issue of the economic, social, and security burden arising from the continuing refugee crisis in Lebanon,” recalling the “principle of burden-sharing” and calling on the “international community to seek to assist displaced Syrians in their dignified and safe return to their homeland.”

She praised the efforts of the Commission, the United Nations Development Program, and international organizations, as well as the close cooperation with the Lebanese government, in light of the current crisis and the rapid response to needs.

She also thanked them for “standing by side-by-side with the Lebanese society, which suffers from successive crises, and for working to secure their needs.”

  • NNA