| 21 February 2024, Wednesday |

Akkar hospital kicks off COVID-19 vaccination drive

Dr Abdullah Al Rassi Governmental Hospital in Halba – Akkar has launched its COVID-19 inoculation drive on Thursday by administering vaccine shots in accordance with a unified protocol being applied in the various vaccination centers across Lebanon.

Social distancing measures are in place and masks are worn by everyone under the supervision of a medical and nursing staff before and after the inoculation process, in conformity with the mechanisms and priorities set out by the Ministry of Public Health and the medical committee tasked with combating the coronavirus.

“Vaccine shots are being administered first to the medical and nursing staff working in COVID-19 sections,” the hospital director Dr Mohamed Khodrein said in a statement, adding that the inoculation process will continue according to the platform’s mechanisms as from tomorrow (Friday).”

On this first day, due to the snowstorm and road blockages, some of those who received the text messages couldn’t make it, Khodrein said, noting that they will come tomorrow to take the first vaccine shots as the storm relents.

He also called on all Akkar residents to register their names through the platform in order to take the vaccine since “there is no alternative other than the vaccine to combat the spread of the pandemic.”

  • Lebanese National News Agency