| 22 June 2024, Saturday |

Al-Asmar: Al-Qaraoun crime requires accountability for the polluters of the fish wealth

Head of General Labor, Bashara Al-Asmar, considered that “the environmental, food and humanitarian catastrophe in Lake Qaraoun is a crime against the people, and it came to exacerbate the difficult economic and living reality and proves the absolute impotence of the state in dealing with crises.”

He appealed to the productive sectors, labor sectors and municipalities to “coordinate with the National Authority of the Litani River to remove the large quantities of dead fish on the banks of the lake.”

He called on the concerned authorities, especially the Council for Development and Reconstruction, the Ministry of Energy and Water and the Ministry of Environment and Municipalities “to do what is necessary in order to curb this dangerous disaster that has affected the fisheries and threatens the agricultural sector and water resources.”

And he considered that “what is happening must constitute information to the judiciary, so that full responsibility for this horrific environmental massacre will be determined and those responsible are held accountable according to the laws in force.”

And he called for “hitting with an iron fist anyone who pollutes the springs, rivers and beaches, because they are part of Lebanon’s national wealth.”

He stressed, “standing by the fishermen in Lake Qaraoun who lost their source of livelihood,” calling on “the High Relief Commission to compensate them.”