| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

Al-Bizri: “People’s conditions are getting worse”

The Head of the National Committee for Covid-19 Vaccination, Dr. Abdel Rahman Al-Bizri said that he was surprised by Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s statement that “the government is active, but the Ministerial Council is not,” considering that “this term is surprising in political life, as if Mikati forgot that he is the Prime Minister and has the right to call for Cabinet sessions.”

Bizri added in a statement: “People’s conditions are getting worse,” as the citizens are looking for their ministers to perform their roles entrusted to them in this difficult time. The national currency is collapsing, people cannot afford the minimum life needs, the school year is in danger, the health situation is threatened by the decline of the hospital sector, in addition to medicine outages, while the political class does not care.

Bizri called on the Prime Minister to “activate the role of his government through real initiatives, because the people’s interests should be preserved, and Lebanon’s foreign relations must be built on sovereignty on the one hand and the people’s interests on the other hand, and the interdependence of common interests with friendly countries, especially the Arabs”.

  • Sawt Beirut International