| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

Al Makari on august 4th: shameful to wait for two years without revealing the truth

Marking the second anniversary of the disastrous August 4th explosion and the catastrophe that befell Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, Caretaker Information Minister Ziad Al Makari prayed for the souls of all fallen martyrs to rest in peace, martyrs of negligence and the worn-out administration, asking the Lord to heal the thousands of wounded.

“The greatest victim is Beirut, where its heritage, culture, homes, life and everything beautiful in it have been destroyed,” he said.

“Yet, according to what we see, Beirut is regaining its breath despite the difficulties, thanks to the determination of its young men and women who refused to leave and surrender,” Al Makari added with hope.

Referring to the Beirut Port blast probe, he stressed that “it is shameful what is happening in the investigation, and officials should do everything they can, even if it is necessary to amend laws and decrees…But to wait two years without discovering the truth, this is a shameful matter for the administration, the judiciary, and the history of Lebanon!”

  • NNA