| 22 May 2024, Wednesday |

Al-Mawlawi meets with Derian

Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, the Grand Mufti of the Lebanese Republic, met with Judge Bassam Al-Mawlawi, the Minister of Interior and Municipalities, at Dar Al-Fatwa.

“We were honored by His Eminence’s visit to this honorable home, and we informed him on the work we’re doing at the Ministry of Interior and followed his directives, which included safeguarding people’ rights and ensuring security and stability,” Al- Mawlawi said after the meeting.

He added: “We assured Mufti Derian that the elections will take place, and we promised him that we, as a government, are committed in the ministerial statement to this matter, and that the safety and security of citizens is one of our first duties and message, and we will have many meetings with His Eminence for permanent communication.”

In response to a question, the minister stressed that “since the first day I assumed my duties, I said that the soldiers and officers are my concern and they are doing a service and not a job and they serve the community and their families, and I will not leave a way that can be done to improve the conditions of the military logistically, financially, morally and socially as much as we can in such circumstances, and this is their right.  The overall situation is uncomfortable and we will do the work we can.”

“The security situation is acceptable, satisfactory and not excellent, and I follow security reports moment by moment, hour by hour, and day after day, and we deal with everything that arises immediately with the assistant work team. As for the absence of ISF checkpoints on the roads, it is according to the logistical situation on the one hand, and achieving security without disturbing the peace of the citizens on the other hand,” he concluded.

  • NNA