| 23 October 2021, Saturday |

Al-Murtada meets South Korean ambassador: We look forward to activating cooperation between the two countries

Minister of Culture, Muhammad Wissam Al-Murtada, welcomed this Wednesday the South Korean Ambassador to Lebanon, Young Dae Kwan, on a courtesy visit which featured an in-depth tour of social, economic, political, and cultural affairs.

The Korean ambassador exposed “the similarities between the two countries, both in terms of geographical nature, and in terms of geopolitical challenges,” presenting “the strategy that South Korea has followed historically, which has led it to occupy a leading position in the global economy.”

He pointed out that “the wealth of knowledge the Lebanese people has, and the human capabilities they enjoy, qualify them, despite all the prevailing circumstances, to advance the country to a distinguished cultural and economic renaissance,” urging both the state and the people to find radical solutions to crises, namely the power crisis, giving as an example the option of building a nuclear reactor to generate electric power.

In turn, Al-Murtada thanked the “Korean ambassador, the embassy, and the State of South Korea for all their efforts in supporting Lebanon culturally, especially in the process of restoring antiquities in Anjar and Jbeil, as well as for the role played by South Korea through its participation in the UNIFIL force operating in the south.”

He declared “his aspiration to activate Korean-Lebanese cooperation in all fields.”