| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

Al-Saad underlines cabinet’s need to send a complete rescue plan to parliament

Member of the Democratic Gathering, MP Raji Al-Saad, said in a statement today that “the solution to the financial crisis stems from radical reforms in the electricity sector, border control and inflation, and through securing the return of the flow of foreign currency from abroad to the inside by moving the country’s economy.”

He also called on the government to “send its integrated plan for financial and economic rescue with all the required reforms, along with the long overdue 2022 budget, and the 2023 budget that the Parliament was supposed to start studying as of last May.”

“The required reforms, whether in terms of laws or necessary procedures, must come within an integrated vision that the government sets in its budgets reflecting its financial and reform policies, so it sends them complete and undivided to the Parliament Council, on the basis of which we, as elected representatives, can exercise control and accountability over the government and its performance, in addition to legislation,” the MP underscored.

“We refuse the talk about fixing the exchange rate of the Lebanese pound in the absence of applied standards and an integrated financial plan, and we refuse to discuss separate laws that do not come within an integrated plan and comprehensive budgets that lay the foundations for reforms and the required comprehensive rescue vision in the short, medium and long term,” Al-Saad reiterated.

  • NNA