| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Al Wadi Al Akhdar has launched “Hummus for Lebanon” program to assist Lebanese youngsters

Al Wadi Al Akhdar issued the following statement:

Many horrible catastrophes have befallen us, Lebanese, in recent years. Events such as the Beirut bomb and the epidemic have wreaked havoc on our country.

These circumstances have resulted in a terrible economic catastrophe, keeping half of the people in poverty and threatening the lives of thousands of children.

Despite enormous corruption, repression, neglect, and isolation, we continue to exist.

And we can make a difference if we work together.

Hummus, a culinary symbol of Lebanon, used to move from Lebanon to the rest of the world…
But today, we are gathering Hummus from the world… back to Lebanon, under the initiative #HummusForLebanon; a collaboration between NoGarlicNoOnions and Al Wadi Al Akhdar that aims to help Lebanese children fill their tummies.

With each Al Wadi HummusForLebanon kit purchased, two cans will be donated to a Lebanese child through SOS, Himaya, Oumniati, and Ayadina; four reliable NGOs that are active all-around Lebanon.

To raise awareness about this initiative, and make a bigger impact, people will be encouraged to join the longest virtual chain of hummus.

How to join the #HummusForLebanon chain?

1- Buy a HummusForLebanon kit online, either on Lebzone or MadeinLebanon.
2- Take a picture of your hummus plate, and mention your current location
3- DM us the picture to @alwadialakhdar

The pictures shared will get featured in the “HummusForLebanon” highlight on Al Wadi’s Instagram page.

To further urge people to join in this campaign, an activity will be developed that will entice them to do so. 4 people from all over the world will win a box from Lebanon including authentic Lebanese food.

Local producers and farmers create Lebanese commodities such as Zaatar and Saboun Baladeh, as well as a few Al Wadi products.

Additionally, a webpage that is updated every hour allows individuals to keep track of all the donated cans. On the website, visitors may read more about the effort, check out the steps to participate, and, if they haven’t already, purchase the kit.

Let us work together to break this cycle of events and start our own.
Let us create a chain that brings back hope to our little future leaders!

  • MTV Lebanon