| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

“Alfa” and “Touch” employees: No turning back from strike

The employees of “Alfa” and “Touch” carried out an open strike to protest “the infringement of their legally-protected acquired rights, including health coverage, which threatens their health and social security and the ability to continue under stressful economic conditions.”
Employees gathered in the company’s courtyards since the early morning, and all customer service operations were suspended, stores were closed, and employees suspended handing out recharge cards, and refrained from carrying out all maintenance work on the networks.
The employees stressed that they would not back down from the “strike until all rights are obtained.”
On the eve of the open strike, the Council of the Syndicate of Employees and Users of the two mobile companies in Lebanon sent a message to the employees, stating:
“We and you hand in hand to prevent any encroachment on our gains, hand in hand to assure that we will not be satisfied with anything less than what is our right and stipulated in the work contract. We will not back down in defending our right to health and social coverage. From here, we and you will be the impenetrable dam, in the face of anyone who tries to erode these rights.
We affirm that this fateful phase, requires defense with full force, to preserve the work contract, especially since there are serious attempts to violate it and deprive you of your gains, and that any retreat, even partially, will lead to more erosion of rights, which will negatively affect our health and social protection and our families.