| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

Alfa, touch converts the balance of “dollars” in phones to ‘Lolars’

Lebanese Citizens noticed today on Friday, that the telecommunications company “Touch” actually transferred the balance in phones, from the dollar to the Lebanese pound. As for Alfa, it is following the same step, and citizens who are subscribed to it have begun noticing this on their phones.

The figures showed that citizens’ balances were converted from dollars to pounds, according to the official dollar price of 1,515 pounds. For example, whoever had $10 in his line now sees 15,150 LBP.

It is noteworthy that the telecommunications companies “touch” and “Alfa” informed their subscribers of the new step two days ago, via SMS.

It is reported that subscribers to the “Alfa” network received today a message that “the balance of the line will appear in Lebanese pounds, starting from March 4, 2022.” This decision comes at a time when it has become clear that the Ministry of telecommunications is working on amending the communications tariff to become according to the “Sayrafa” dollar, after reducing the service price by 67 percent.

  • Sawt Beirut International