| 13 June 2024, Thursday |

Ali Awad Al-Assairy: Any attempt to play with “Taif Agreement” terms will plunge Lebanon into darker days

Former Saudi ambassador to Lebanon, Ali Awad Al-Assairy, emphasized that “election of the Lebanese president must be accompanied by agreement on a prime minister and a formed government grafted with specialists.”

In an interview with “lbci,” Al-Assairy expressed optimism that the sanctions would not be applied, but that if they were, they would be devastating to those who impeded the political process in Lebanon, and what the European Parliament first issued in this context.

Al-Assairy pointed out, “There is a new dynamic led by Prince Muhammad bin Salman, and I hope that Lebanon will not be isolated from what is going on. What is required is that a president be elected for Lebanon and a government be formed immediately, away from obstinacy.”

He pointed out that “the statement of the quintet was clear in terms of saying that the Lebanese Parliament is responsible for choosing a president in accordance with the constitutional frameworks, and the meeting made the temperature of stubbornness recede somewhat.

He added that efforts differ from the past, confirming that the French presidential envoy Jean-Yves Le Drian will come to Lebanon with a new initiative that will save the country because what is happening today in terms of stubbornness in Lebanon does not build a homeland, and there is a safety umbrella for the Lebanese called the Taif Agreement that shall be preserved at any cost.”

In response to a question, he stated, “The Taif Agreement was concluded by the Lebanese themselves, and any attempt to play with its terms will plunge Lebanon into a dark tunnel, and I see that the old French initiative has ended. Le Drian was serious about seeking solutions that would yield results.”

“There is a problem in Lebanon with the concept of dialogue, and there is stubbornness, and I hope that there will be communication between the political forces in a manner that leads to dialogue in order to choose a president and to save Lebanon, “Al-Assairy concluded.

  • Sawt Beirut International