| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

Amal slams useless statements exchanged between politicians

“A continuous intransigence in obstructing solutions by exchanged statements solely aims to raising political tension in the country and trying to add more factors to the political bickering, thus dragging Lebanon into further collapse,” Amal Movement’s political office said in a statement on Monday following its weekly meeting.

“The country is heading towards a ‘social explosion’ in light of the deteriorating economic and financial situation as the Lebanese pound is facing severe devaluation against the U.S. dollar and prices [of commodities] are skyrocketing, rendering citizens unable to make a living in its simplest terms,” the statement said.

Given such disastrous scene, Amal Movement reiterated that “the only way out of the crisis in light of the increasingly fractious political deadlock is to expedite the formation of a government and prioritize the national interest over other narrow personal interests which cannot salvage the country.”

The statement added that such personal interests cripple the country and make the Lebanese people endure more agony, noting that citizens no longer care about fake slogans or political quotas to be granted to different sects in the government but rather “they demand rescue actions that would secure their social safety and economic security.”

“We deeply understand that the people have reached a point of despair and took to the streets. They have the right to voice their demands through all legitimate means,” the statement said, but warned against attempts to take advantage of popular movements for the purpose of undermining stability and peace.