| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Ambassador Collard and Minister Of Interior Mawlawi visit Northern Command and Control Centre in Tripoli, funded by the UK

As part of our continuing support to the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF), and within the framework of the joint MOU signed in April 2021, British Ambassador to Lebanon Ian Collard and Minister of Interior Judge Bassam Mawlawi held a joint visit to the newly established Northern Command and Control Centre (NLCCC), accompanied by General Marwan Sleilati, representing ISF Director General Imad Osman, and representatives from across security institutions. The NLCCC is funded by the UK’s Conflict, Security and Stability Fund.

This is Ambassador Collard’s second visit to the NLCCC where he received an update on the excellent work of the centre, which enables the ISF to better prevent and combat crime, handle threats, and provide safety and security for the community. Head of the ISF North Lebanon Region, Colonel Darwish, briefed on the latest security situation in the north and the ongoing challenges facing the ISF.

Through its security programme, the UK fully supports the mission of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) to strengthen the resilience of the ISF to ensure they can deliver internal security, community policing, and services to all communities in Lebanon, based on respect for human rights, accountability and professionalism. In April 2021, the UK and MoI signed a joint MOU that agreed continuing co-operation with the ISF, under the British Policing Support Programme (worth £18.5m between 2019-2022).

Ambassador Collard said: ‘Lebanon is facing one of its toughest chapters in recent history. The staggering economic crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, and a political impasse has put significant pressure on Lebanon’s institutions, including the Internal Security Forces. We understand the challenges facing the men and women of the police on a daily basis and we are determined to offer them our support.

The visit to the Northern Command and Control Center demonstrates our ongoing support to Lebanon and our long-term relationship with the Ministry of Interior. Though circumstances are difficult, we continue to support Minister Mawlawi and General Osman’s determination to build a modern police force based on state of the art training, respect for human rights, and community focused policing.’

  • NNA