| 19 April 2024, Friday |

Ambassador of Russia conveys to Aoun message of support for Lebanon

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, assured President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun that “Russia stands next to Lebanon and supports it economically, socially and politically, and Russia is ready to cooperate with Lebanon in various fields”.

The stances of the Russian President were conveyed to President Aoun by Russian Ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Rodakov, who met President Aoun, today at the Presidential Palace.

President Aoun’s Advisor for Russian affairs, former MP Amal Bou Zeid, attended the meeting which tackled bilateral relations between both countries and means of developing these relations.


After the meeting, the Russian Ambassador made the following statement:

“I had the honor to meet His Excellency, President Michel Aoun. I conveyed the President a verbal message from President Putin, in which he expressed Russian support for Lebanon, in economic, political, social and health sectors. This was in response to the message conveyed by the Advisor of the Lebanese President for Russian Affairs, former MP Amal Bou Zeid, from President Aoun during his recent visit to Moscow. The message requested Russian help in securing a quantity of the Russian Sputnik 5 vaccine, for the Lebanese people as part of the Lebanese Health Ministry’s support in the fight against COVID-19.

Necessary measures are now being arranged, with the Russian government, which will provide assistance for Lebanon in this regard when sufficient vaccine quantities are ready.

During the meeting, we also emphasized the Russian principled position on the Lebanese situation, which calls for the formation of a government as soon as possible. Afterwards Russia will be ready to cooperate with the Lebanese Republic in various fields, including economy, health, education and others”.

Minister Najjar:

The President met Public Works Minister, Michel Najjar, who briefed him about the work of directorates of his ministry, in light of the current harsh conditions which Lebanon is witnessing.

Najjar indicated that the meeting also addressed the issue of dealing with the rubble which resulted from the Beirut Port explosion, and the approval of the President that Minister Najjar negotiates with the World Bank to allocate part of the loan amounting to 295 million US Dollars, to rehabilitate international roads.

MP Al-Sayed:

President Aoun also received MP, Major General Jamil Al-Sayed.

MP Al-Sayed said that the discussion tackled general affairs, and the need to continue the policy of subsidies and work to redress the social chaos resulting from citizen needs in various fields.

MP Al-Sayed also stated that he addressed the governmental situation, so that living complications are not increased on citizens.

  • NNA