| 24 October 2021, Sunday |

“American interference in the port’s investigations is a blatant attack on sovereignty,” says Fadlallah

In an issued statement today, MP Hassan Fadlallah condemned the position of deputies in the US Congress regarding the probe into the Beirut port explosion, “because it constitutes a blatant attack on Lebanon’s sovereignty, and an open interference in these investigations, to impose dictates on judicial decisions, which requires a clear official stance in defense of the sovereignly of Lebanon, rejecting these dictates and preventing any response to them.”

“The declared US position regarding the investigations’ course and the role and location of the judicial investigator confirms the existence of direct US interference in this file to employ it in the context of settling American accounts inside Lebanon after the failure of the wars and siege to subjugate Lebanon,” Fadlallah emphasized.

The MP considered that “this calls for restoring the Beirut port investigations to their proper national track constitutionally and legally, away from any external dictates and internal politicization.”

“Let the only goal be to reveal the facts and achieve justice to hold the real perpetrators accountable, and to consider this a national cause that concerns all Lebanese,” he concluded.