| 2 February 2023, Thursday |

Any new fuel prices on Friday?

According to radio information, a new fuel schedule will be issued tomorrow. It is worth noting that fuel prices in Lebanon surged again yesterday, Wednesday, after the government’s financial support was lifted and the exchange rate was largely liberalized in the midst of the country’s greatest economic crisis.

The price of a can of “95 octane” gasoline increased by 4,500 Lebanese pounds, and the price of “98 octane” fuel increased by 4,200 pounds.

The price of diesel climbed by 10,100 Lebanese pounds, and the price of a bottle of gas increased by 6,600 Lebanese pounds, as showed below:

Gasoline “98 octane”: 317,600 Lebanese pounds.

Gasoline “95 octane”: 308,500 Lebanese pounds.

Diesel: 292,600 Lebanese pounds.

Gas: 251,100 Lebanese pounds.

(21,300 Lebanese Pounds = $1).

  • Sawt Beirut International