| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

Aoun addresses new Ministers: We’d like to see less speeches, more “recovery” plans

Following the formation of a new cabinet, President Michel Aoun stated, “This fourth government in my presidential tenure was constituted 13 months after the caretaker government.” The situation deteriorated throughout this time: economically, fiscally, monetarily, and socially. Citizens’ living conditions have deteriorated to unprecedented levels.”

“We are faced with huge national and historical duties to activate the role of the state and its institutions and restore faith in them,” he stated at the start of the Council of Ministers. We no longer have the luxury of slowing down and procrastinating, therefore we must not waste time.”

“It is necessary to find urgent answers to address residents’ living situations and to initiate a rapid plan to put Lebanon on the path of rescue, recovery, and growth,” he continued.

“The government should work as a single, homogeneous, cooperative team to implement a rescue program and focus efforts to achieve the supreme national interest and the interests of citizens,” the President of the Republic said, adding that “we face great challenges, so I recommend you avoid speeches and invest more work.”

He continued, “We will confront significant challenges, which we will try to overcome and find potential answers. Outside and inside the country, people are counting on us to solve the compounded and overlapping issues, and the more seriousness, dedication, and resolve we demonstrate, the more brotherly and friendly countries will stand by us.”

He went on to say, “The Lebanese hope that the government would solve their everyday concerns and respond to their reasonable hopes for a brighter future, alleviating their anxieties and providing them with stability and a decent existence. The first aim is to relieve their misery and meet their immediate needs.”


  • Sawt Beirut International