| 23 February 2024, Friday |

Aoun discusses with Al-Karama Movement general developments and situation in north

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, received Chairman of ‘Al-Karama Movement’ MP Faisal Karami, today at the Presidential Palace.

The meeting focused on general developments in the country and the situation in north Lebanon.

Following the meeting, MP Karami said in a statement: “”Although the discussion in the meeting is the privity of the President, but for my part, I conveyed to the President the complaints and people’s cry regarding the deteriorating economic situation, and its repercussions on social life and on citizens, and I listened to him about his suffering on the issue of forming a government.”

Karami said that they are watching how the economic, production and living sectors are collapsing one after the other, so we stressed that the only way out for all these problems starts with the formation of a government. We we call on those concerned to sit with each other until they come up with a government that satisfies the people and the nation. We are witnessing an initiative led now by the Speaker Berri, we wish him success so that it will be a good gesture to proceed in saving what can be saved at this difficult and delicate period in Lebanon.

I also informed the president, on the form of the recent decision by the committee on the issue of export to the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which restricts all exports from the port of Beirut.  We, as representatives of the city of Tripoli, conveyed the complaint to His Excellency the President, and we were promised that the President will address it.


  • NNA