| 23 July 2024, Tuesday |

Aoun: I am leaving the presidency after I gave the Lebanese a gift

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, received this afternoon at Baabda Palace a delegation of the “Meeting of Parties”, which included representatives of a number of Lebanese parties.

Former MP Karim Al-Rassi delivered a speech in which he congratulated President Aoun on the achievement of the demarcation of the southern maritime borders, which took place today, noting “the positions taken by the President of the Republic during his presidential term, which preserved Lebanon’s dignity, sovereignty and rights.”

Former Minister Mahmoud Qamati also gave a speech in which he demanded, on behalf of the parties participating in the delegation, “to form a new government before the end of the presidential term, because the country’s conditions do not allow for a vacuum at the level of the first presidency and the executive authority.” He praised “the positions taken by President Aoun during his tenure and the completion of the demarcation of the maritime borders.”

President Aoun responded by welcoming the delegation, presenting “the most prominent stations that passed during his reign and the obstacles that were placed in the path of reform, change and the fight against corruption that he launched.”

President Aoun considered that he was “leaving the presidency after presenting to the Lebanese the gift of demarcating the southern maritime borders,” hoping that “his successor in Baabda Palace will continue to complete the achievements that have been made, especially in the field of criminal auditing and other reform steps.”

  • Sawt Beirut International