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Aoun meets Archbishop Of Anglican Diocese Of Jerusalem, Anglican delegation

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, emphasized the importance of Jerusalem and his hope that it would become “A city which embraces all sects and enjoys an international status. This is what we must all strive for in order to achieve”.

The President also called on Christians in the occupied Palestinian territories not to despair, since “Christians do not know despair or frustration, and we cannot despair while we are alive”.

Stances of the President came while meeting the newly elected Archbishop of the Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem, 15th Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, Archbishop Houssam Naoum, today at Baabda Palace.

Archbishop Naoum was accompanied by: his wife, Mrs. Rafa Kafaiti, Archduke, Imad Zoroub, Pastor of the Church of all Saints in Beirut and Director of the Saint Luke Center for people with Special Needs in Beit Meri, Reverend Don Bandar, Reverend, Fouad Dagher, Pastor of St. Paul’s Church in the Galilee City of Shfaram, and MP, Reverend Edgar Traboulsi.

MP Traboulsi praised the role of the Anglican Church in supporting the Evangelical and Christian presence in the Holy Land and the Middle East.

Archbishop Naoum conveyed the greetings of the pastors, parishes and institutions of the Diocese of Jerusalem, to President General Michel Aoun.

Naoum also conveyed the concern of the Archbishop of Canterbury, head of the Anglican Church in the world, Dr. Justin Welby, in Lebanon in the current ordeal, and his desire to visit Lebanon soon for solidarity with his people and to support the work of the Episcopal Church and the Evangelical community in the various spiritual, educational and humanitarian fields.

Archbishop Naoum spoke at the beginning of the meeting, conveying the greetings of the parishes of the Archdiocese of Jerusalem and Bethlehem, and their wishes for health and peace for Lebanon and the Lebanese.Naoum also conveyed their readiness to provide assistance according to the available capabilities, and in various fields, pointing in this regard to the institutions and churches operating in Lebanon.

In addition, Archbishop Naoum clarified that his presence in Lebanon is also to prepare for the visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury, who wants to visit Lebanon soon to see the conditions and the possibility of assistance at all levels.

Finally, Archbishop Naoum thanked President Aoun for his constant cooperation and interest.

President Aoun:

For his part, the President welcomed the delegation, and praised the work done by Anglican churches wherever they settled, appreciating what this Church is doing, especially in Jerusalem, and the difficulties it faces.

“I follow the work of Churches in Jerusalem” President Aoun said, pointing out that he had sent a letter to the Eastern Synod held in 2010, in which the President asked about the repercussions which emptied the Holy Land from its original habitants, “Making the Cradle of Christ without Christians, erasing the collective identity of Jerusalem”.

“Can we imagine Christ and Christianity without Jerusalem? Bethlehem and other holy sites?” the President asked.

In addition, the President addressed the members of the delegation saying “The situation there puts you in danger, not only physically but also spiritually. I hope that we will soon reach a solution so that Jerusalem will return to being a city which embraces all sects and enjoys an international status. This is what we must all strive for in order to achieve”.

“Christians know neither despair nor discouragement. We cannot despair while we are alive” President Aoun concluded.

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