| 19 June 2024, Wednesday |

Aoun meets committee for establishing and equipping Deir El Qamar hospital

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, asserted his keenness on the unity of Jabal region, and its people, considering that this unity constitutes the backbone of Lebanese unity, and that with our national unity we can overcome all challenges which face us.

The President also said that his main concern, when he moved to the summer Presidential residence in Beiteddine Palace was to preserve, fortify and push forward for this unity. “Our concern was also to achieve development projects in Shouf region, most prominent of which was the completion of Deir El Qamar Governmental Hospital” President Aoun indicated.

Stances of the President came while receiving, MP Farid Boustany, who was accompanied by a delegation from the committee for equipping the Deir El Qamar Governmental Hospital.

The delegation included: President, Professor Antoine Loutfallah Al-Boustany, head of Our Lady of the Hill, Father Joseph Abi Aoun Al-Mariami, members: Engineer Karim Moussa Dr. Danny Youssef, Mrs. Mary Rose Layan Arab, Nicolas Aftimus, Michel Khattar, Lilian Naasi, Abdo Akl, Wassim Al-Boustany, and Antoine Reno.

MP Boustany firstly conveyed the greetings of the people of Deir El Qamar and Shouf saying: “Our visit today is a thank-you, especially since you were among the first to sponsor the Deir Al-Qamar Governmental Hospital project, so you had the white hands in allocating the necessary support by the concerned ministries to complete this medical facility in the town of Deir Al-Qamar, Shouf”.

“With your support, we have overcome all difficulties. We are here today in the process of finishing the first section of the hospital which will be soon opened under your auspices. The delegation accompanying me today includes the committee appointed by the Health Ministry, headed by Professor Antoine Loutfallah Boustany, and the Hospital’s support committee” MP Boustany added.

“Despite the crisis which Lebanon is passing through, we came to assure your Excellency of our determination and will to implement this hospital. This wouldn’t have been possible without the land granted by the Maronite Order. Here, the truth must be said, many good hands were behind the establishment of this hospital” MP Boustany concluded.

Father Joseph Abi Aoun:

Then, Father Abi Aoun thanked President Aoun for receiving the delegation and for his efforts in tireless follow up on the completion of the hospital project “In accordance with the directives of your Excellency in order to establish the principle of balanced development in various Lebanese regions”.

“As monasticism, we are an essential part of our people in Deir al-Qamar, and from this point of view we have provided the land on which the hospital will be established, to serve the people of Deir al-Qamar and the Shouf region. We are in safe hands, Mr. President, as long as you are leading the ship of the homeland” Father Abi Aoun concluded.

Professor Boustany:

Head of the committee, Professor Antoine Boustany, said: “The project to build Deir Al-Qamar Governmental Hospital dates back to more than 15 years, and after a stop due to various reasons we prefer not to mention, and for the good fortune of the Shouf region and its residents, MP Boustany came with honest words, working withcommitment and care. Deir Al-Qamar Hospital is the only governmental hospital in the Upper, Middle and Coastal Shouf region, which receives the attention of the Ministry of Health”.

“The hospital will combine high professional specialties and modern medical equipment, and we will create an atmosphere of professional cooperation with all the Shouf hospitals and their doctors. Finally, this project will have a very important impact on rooting the population and decent living, and how much we need this national mission” Professor Boustany concluded.

President Aoun:

For his part, the President responded welcoming the delegation and stressed that “Deir El Qamar enjoys great history and was distinguished by its men. It is not permissible for this town to remain without this hospital and everyone should cooperate to complete this achievement. This hospital is an important matter and we will cooperate with you to support its completion, especially in equipment and construction”.

President Aoun also hoped that this project would be completed soon “So that it would be in the service of Deir El Qamar people, and all the people of Jabal region”.

East Christian Relief Association:

President Aoun met the Director General of SOS CHRETIENS D’ORIENT, Mr. BenjaminBlanchard, the head of the mission in Lebanon Artur Lanternier, and the director of the Lebanon Mission, Mrs. Karen Ashkouti.

The delegation briefed the President on the relief work which the Association carries out, especially works which were done after the August 14 Beirut Port explosion, which focused in particular on caring for those affected and providing means of support for them and for damaged hospital health centers.

For his side, the President thanked the delegation fort their accomplishments, especially after the Beirut Port explosion, and referred to the difficulties which Lebanon faces, due to the repercussions of the Syrian displacement on various sectors of the country.

President Aoun also asserted the need to work for the return of displaced Syrians to safe areas in their country, while providing them with assistance, stressing the importance of international support for this return.