| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

“Aoun should declare his support for Baabda’s Declaration, Lebanon’s neutralization”, Sleiman says

Former President of the Republic Michel Sleiman, considered that “the call for national dialogue, even if it comes late, is better than never, and that is vital amid these circumstances, but the presentation of the defense strategy is inseparable from Baabda’s Declaration, as it constitutes the political framework for this strategy.”

Sleiman told MTV: “We have abandoned our traditional friends and sank into the axis of resistance, and Hezbollah’s intervention in the region brought down the trilogy of the “People, Resistance, Army” since it did not ask for the opinion of the army and the people in its regional activity.

Sleiman ruled out the possibility of completing the defense strategy in Aoun’s era, and said: “I am afraid of the impact of political considerations on this file before the elections, and the new president of the Republic must mention it in the oath speech at the beginning of his term.

He added: “I hope that Aoun will announce his support for Lebanon’s neutralization and Baabda Declaration for the success of any national dialogue.”

  • Sawt Beirut International