| 19 October 2021, Tuesday |

Aoun: The recovery plan will be presented to the Cabinet for approval

President of the United States of America, Joseph Biden, affirmed the happiness of the people of the United States to help all peoples in leading a secure, stable and prosperous life. President Biden also expressed his will to work for a secure future for a world full of hope.

Stances of the US President came in a written message to the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, in which President Biden thanked President Aoun for his congratulations on US Independence Day.

International Consulting Office:

The President received a delegation from the International Office “Clearly Gottlieb Steen and Hamilton LLP”, today at the Presidential Palace.

The delegation included Lawyers, Andrew Bernstein and Lynn Ammar.

President Aoun discussed the ongoing preparations to activate the financial economic recovery plan which was previously drawn-up by the previous government, in which he assigned the Lebanese state’s legal office to negotiate with the International Monetary Fund.

President Aoun also confirmed that a ministerial working group was formed, which will negotiate with the IMF after the formation of the new government, focusing on the importance of the office’s role as a legal advisor in the negotiation process on one hand and with creditors on the other, in addition to working in the interest of Lebanon’s rights, determining losses and distributing them fairly.

Moreover, the President pointed out that the financial, economic, social and banking recovery plan will be presented upon completion to the Cabinet for approval in negotiations with the IMF, indicating the necessity of simultaneous study of this plan with the implementation of the electricity plan, Beirut Port development, and implementing forensic audit.

For their side, the company delegation stressed their readiness to continue cooperation with the Lebanese state, especially that the “Gottlieb Steen and Hamilton” office specializes in providing legal assistance in the context of negotiations with creditors of troubled countries or companies.

Former Minister Msharrafiye:

The President met former Social Affairs Minister, Dr. Ramzi Msharrafiye.

Msharrafiye thanked President Aoun for all the support while assuming his ministerial responsibilities in PM, Hassan Diab’s government, and discussed the most prominent ministerial achievements, especially the financing card, care plan for poorest families, and addressing the file of displaced Syrians.