| 11 December 2023, Monday |

Aoun to media professionals says applying mono-criteria in forming government best approach to form effective government

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, asserted that applying the same criteria in forming a government is the correct approach to forming an effective government capable of managing state affairs.

President Aoun’s positions came in a chat with media professionals accredited at Baabda Palace this morning.

The President also indicated that what is currently taking place in the formation of the government contradicts the principle of the unity of standards “Through interfering and choosing the ministers, not the concerned political party, this is not normal and cannot be accepted. When each party wants to choose its ministers, the others must accept the adoption of one standard for all and not object”.

Regarding the powers of the current government, if a presidential vacancy occurs, the President emphasized that “The government will lack powers, and therefore cannot exercise the full powers of the President of the Republic”.

“The solution to matters is very simple. We asked Premier Mikati today to make everyone equal in the formation process and to return in the evening to Baabda Palace to issue formation decrees” President Aoun continued.

In response to another question about setting a new date for the Lebanese delegation’s visit to Syria, President Aoun confirmed that the Syrian Ambassador had made a statement on this issue, in which he confirmed that a new date would be set later.

  • NNA