| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Aoun: We must liberate the state from corruption

President Aoun received MP Hekmat Dib, today at the Presidential Palace, and discussed with him current developments and needs of Baabda region.

MP Dib indicated that the meeting tackled the government formation developments, after the last Parliament session, and considered that a big difference occurred between the positive call for cooperation and dialogue and the negative speech of the Prime Minister-designate.

MP Dib said that this issue raises questions about the existence of a real desire to form a new government, or to remain in this direction which obstructs solutions instead of facilitating.

The President chaired a meeting which included head of the Lebanese delegation of indirect negotiations to demarcate southern maritime borders, Pilot Brigadier General Bassam Yassin, and members: Marine Colonel, Mazen Basbous, Engineer and member of the Petroleum Sector Administration, Wissam Shbat, and Expert, Najib Masihi.

The Military and Security advisor of the President, Brigadier Paul Matar, also attended the meeting.

Latest developments related to indirect negotiations, and steps which must be adopted in light of President Aoun’s directives in this regard, were deliberated in the meeting.

On Resistance and Liberation Day, President Aoun tweeted the following:

“Upon the occasion of Liberation, we recall the taste of victory and dignity, and we vow to continue carry on the path towards the recuperation of our sovereignty over all our territory and water. And, just like we fought the enemy and freed our land, today we must together liberate the state from corruption and put Lebanon back on the track of development and prosperity. Only the unity of the Lebanese will achieve reform and restore dignity to our society.”

  • Sawt Beirut International