| 18 August 2022, Thursday |

Araji: Temporary drugs’ solution serves two months only

The head of  Parliamentary Health Committee, Dr. Assem Araji, explained that “the vaccination rate in Lebanon is still less than 10%, for the first dose 9,5% and for the second dose 9,4%,” indicating that “Lebanon may reach safety phase in November 2021, and  following preventive measures despite reassuring indications is still a must.”.”

In a radio interview, Araji assured that “the spread of the black fungus is still very limited in Lebanon and is under control despite the monitoring of some cases, knowing that it is very harmful, but it can be treated.”

He stressed that an agreement was reached to provide support for part of drug imports worth 180 million dollars to be distributed, which theoretically suffices for two months, but the problem remains in the drugs whereabout,  since the smuggling gutters are widely opened , which means that the aforementioned amount will not cover the period envisaged.” He called for “a political decision and immediate action by the security services to control the borders and protect the remaining subsidized goods.”