| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Archbishop Audi talks about lesion eroding our country.

Metropolitan of Beirut and its dependencies for the Greek Orthodox Archbishop Elias Odeh presided over the liturgy and funeral memory on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the martyrdom of Gibran Tueni and his two companions, where he said in his sermon:
“Today we remember a person who did not evade the entitlements of his country, which we have not yet truly reached to celebrate. While many escaped and fled, Gibran returned to his country and worked to protect it from the fragmentation, sectarianism, and blind partisanship of the non-national.”
Since 2005, and Gobran has called for what the Lebanese are still calling for, and after we were shocked by the bombing of the capital, we were not surprised by the attempt to hide the truth, because this approach took root in our Lebanon through lack of accountability, and not punishing any violator of the law, which led us to this chaos.
Attacking the judiciary and judges and evading justice is a lesion that is eroding our country, and some Lebanese preferred to antagonize the inside for their association with the outside, and history only mentions heroes and glorifies only the greats.”