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Archbishop Hanna Rahma: Bahaa Hariri can be a statesman and unite the Sunni community

The pastor of the Maronite diocese of Baalbek Deir al-Ahmar, Bishop Hanna Rahma, praised the patriotic personality of Sheikh Bahaa Rafik Hariri and his political and economic awareness and a clear vision for the future of Lebanon.

Archbishop Hanna Rahma considered, in an interview with the “LebaneseDNA” platform, that the presence of a sect that feels oppressed in Lebanon will not be in the interest of the country, considering that just as Bashir Gemayel was assassinated, this led to the creation of frightening frustration in the Christian street, and then they killed Kamal Jumblatt, and absented Imam Musa al-Sadr. Today, they killed Rafik Hariri to create a huge void in the Sunni community, because he was a giant.

He added that after the departure of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, his son Saad came and played a certain role, but today there is a great void.

Bishop Rahma pointed out that through his vision of Bahaa Hariri and his interaction with him, he proved that he can be a statesman, and that he can bring together the Sunni community and the different opinions.

Bishop Rahma also hoped that the day would come when Bahaa Hariri would play his national role with all merit, because he possesses global political and economic awareness, and he has a vision for Lebanon, and he has prepared a project for that.

In addition, Rahma confirmed that Bahaa Hariri wants to complete the Taef Agreement with the vision of his martyr father, Rafik Hariri, on the principle of “stop counting.” He wants to put his hand in the hands of the Maronite Church, with all the Lebanese people, and with all sects, to rebuild Lebanon with new blood and spirit. New, and fighting all this corruption and all this waste, so that we can create Lebanon again.

He described the mercy of Sheikh Bahaa Hariri as one of the promising youth figures capable of serving Lebanon in the near future.

Regarding the knowledge or instructing of the Maronite Patriarchate about the meetings he had with Bahaa Hariri, Rahma affirmed that all of this was done with the knowledge of the Patriarchate, because the topic at the beginning was an idea, but now “we do not take any step in secret away from the Patriarch or from the Church, and everything is clear and under the sun.” “.

In another context, Archbishop Hanna Rahma called for all Christian leaders to return to their commitment to their church and their faith, as every person is attached to himself and will testify before his Lord about the life he lived, whether he was a traitor to his Christianity or his values, or he was committed and productive, or he was in between.

In the presidential file, Bishop Rahma wished that the Christians would gather under one name, and that he be a person who loves Lebanon, believes in God, and loves God, because today he does not trust that the person by name be a Christian or a Maronite, as he wants the next president to be a believer in God, a believer in human values and morals, and loves Lebanon from its north to its south, from its sea to its Bekaa, and to have a president who loves every person in Lebanon.

And about his expectations if Suleiman Franjieh had chances to reach Baabda Palace, he stressed that this is related to the intentions of the deputies, as Suleiman Franjieh is Lebanese and a leader who has the right to run, and the deputies must either elect him or not, in addition to that Franjieh spent a long period away from power and its corruption directly.

He added that the first request he would present to Franjieh in the event of his accession to the presidency, is the completion of a tunnel linking the north and the Bekaa, because that would be the most beautiful gift for the Bekaa and the north.

Regarding the summer time file, which has sparked controversy recently, Archbishop Rahma confirmed that this was a game of leaders’ games that they play using religion and sectarianism to distract people.

Rahma added, “Our Muslim brothers are not affected by the issue of timing at all, because they fast according to sunrise and sunset, while we Christians are affected by the issue of timing in our fasting.

In the file of the demand for federalism, Archbishop Rahma saw that Lebanon’s problem is not sectarian. It is not the division that is important, but rather the building of a state based on law, the judiciary, justice, and rights and duties.

Pointing out that if the country remains managed with a “farmer” mentality, then the problems will remain even after partition, but if we establish order, law and justice, then we can build this country.

Regarding the performance of the parliament, Bishop Rahma confirmed that the Lebanese elected a parliament to legislate, and until today we have not seen a project that builds the country, and today, after 6 months, they did not elect a president of the republic, so it is certain that confidence should be withdrawn from them, and the parliament should be dissolved.

And Rahma called, in the event that he is not elected president of the republic during the next ten days, for the people to descend in front of the houses of representatives, so that the army intervenes and takes over and organizes elections for a new parliament.

  • Asharq Al-Awsat