| 8 December 2023, Friday |

Army commander broaches latest developments with economy minister, diplomats

General Joseph Aoun, commander of the Lebanese Army, welcomed Amin Salam, the interim minister of trade and commerce, on Tuesday. They spoke about the state of the nation generally.

Additionally, General Aoun greeted Mr. Kurt Georg Stoeckl-Stillfried, the German ambassador to Lebanon, and Lieutenant Colonel Kai Zimmermann, the military attaché.

Later, the Army Commander and the military attaché, Lieutenant Colonel Jaecho OH, met with South Korean Ambassador Park IL.

Additionally, he met with Stefanie McCollum, the Canadian ambassador, who was joined by Lieutenant Colonel Gino Chretien, the military attaché.

The recent events on the southern border and the general state of the country were apparently discussed by the Army Commander with his guests.

  • NNA