| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

Army Commander to graduating officers: “Be up to your people and international community’s aspirations.”

The Armed Forces Commander General Joseph Aoun inspected the Military Academy this morning, and met with the students of third year officers, in the presence of the college commander and the trainers. He congratulated them on their graduation after three years of studying in difficult and delicate circumstances.

He pointed out that they entered the college with their competence and are graduating from it with high efficiency.

Aoun said: “Your graduation coincides with the centenary of establishing the Military College, and your course bears the name of “Centennial of Greater Lebanon”. The star that you will carry on your shoulders is Lebanon. It is your responsibility towards your country. Circumstances prevented the organization of issuing a graduation ceremony and the imitation of swords, but I am confident that your military life will witness many successes and achievements.”

General Aoun stressed the need to show a spirit of responsibility and discipline and work on self-development by all standards, for the officer is an initiative, and what distinguishes him is that he gets trained on working in the most difficult circumstances.

He said: “Have a strong will that abolishes difficulties, and know that lots of delicate tasks await you, so be up to the responsibility, and up to the aspirations of your people and the international community.”