| 26 March 2023, Sunday |

Army heavily deployed in airport’s vicinity.. and no cover for anyone!

Caretaker Minister of Public Works and Transport, Ali Hamiyah, confirmed that “the airport was not targeted by the dispute that occurred a few days ago in the Jnah area, between two families, and resulted in random shooting.”

Hamiyah revealed via an interview with Al-Jadeed TV, that the army arrested 7 people the day before yesterday, were involved in the problem, noting that “the army is still present in the airport’s vicinity , and so are the Intelligence Directorate’s members to maintain the security of the airport.”

Adding that “The shooting is an unfortunate situation, and the issue of airport security is a priority for the Lebanese state, and we will not underestimate it. Anyone who shoots indiscriminately in the vicinity of the airport has no cover and must be stopped.”

  • Sawt Beirut International