| 26 February 2024, Monday |

Arrival of the first batch of Lebanese from Ukraine.. Major General Khair: Another plane arrives within 48 hours from Warsaw

At dawn today, the first batch of Lebanese in Ukraine, including 40 Lebanese students, arrived from Bucharest, after the Lebanese businessman in Romania, Muhammad Murad, hosted them in one of his hotels with securing tickets for their return.

They were received by the head of the Higher Relief Commission, Major General Muhammad Khair, and the students’ families.

A delegation from the “Lebanese Association of Parents of Students in Foreign Universities” demanded “to address the affairs of students abroad and to facilitate sending money to them in these difficult circumstances,” stressing “the necessity of approving the student dollar, because the situation of Lebanese students abroad is very difficult.”

Major General Khair explained that “the task of evacuating the Lebanese students from Ukraine in light of the dangerous facts on the ground was difficult, but they were united,”

He explained that “the number that was registered with the Lebanese ambassador in Ukraine is 960 Lebanese citizens, 450 of them are registered to go to Poland, and 250 of them have entered so far, and there is about the same number at the border who will go to Warsaw.”

He pointed out that “there are people who preferred to go to Europe,” noting that “within 48 hours another plane will arrive carrying Lebanese from Warsaw.”

  • Sawt Beirut International