| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

Arrival of the first shipment of Iraqi fuel oil for Electricité du Liban

The first shipment of Iraqi fuel has arrived to Lebanon, and it will begin to unload its payload of 30,000 tons, after the General Directorate of Oil gave permission to do so while ensuring compliance with specifications.

Director of Al-Zahrani plant, Ahmed Abbas, told Al-Iraqiya News Channel, that “the Iraqi ship is loaded with 32,000 tons of oil, that will be distributed equally between the Deir Ammar plant in Al-Danniyeh and Al-Zahrani plant in the south, awaiting the result of examining the samples that were taken and sent to Dubai, to start unloading after that.”

The director of Deir Ammar Electricity Factory, Tony Yaqoub, indicated that “the ship is in the sea, loaded with Iraqi fuel, waiting to be unloaded, It seems that it’s a difficult process today because of the weather and strong winds,
so we’re working on determining where to unload according to the monitoring carried out by the work team.”

  • alarabiya
  • Sawt Beirut International