| 28 May 2022, Saturday |

Arslan: If we had agreed to compromise on our principles and convictions, we would have been in another place

With a number of senior officials and important celebrities in attendance, the “Lebanese Democratic Youth Forum” unveiled its work plan for the year 2022-2023 in a ceremony held in Khalde on Monday, under the patronage of Lebanese Democratic Party Chief, MP Talal Arslan.


In his word during the event, Arslan said: “What we are experiencing today in terms of major collapse and successive crises at the financial, economic, social, security, political, health levels and others, is caused by an authority that ruled for decades under a corrupt regime that contributed to the corruption of individuals; a system that begets crises while strengthening sectarianism in souls and keeping them away from religions and values; one that has contributed to divisions, waste expenditure and theft, as well as legitimized nepotism, clientelism and racism at the expense of the true homeland and citizenship.”

Arslan stressed that the state of Lebanon will not rise again “without a radical change to its political system and its structure based on all of the above.”

He added: “My conviction is firm that there is no salvation for us except through a frank and comprehensive dialogue between us as Lebanese political parties, and there is no change except through a general national dialogue that brings together all parties and does not exclude anyone.”

The MP encouraged all partisans and supporters to partake in the upcoming parliamentary elections by voting according to their conscience and what they deem beneficial to the country’s future. He indicated that his party shall engage in the electoral entitlement “with a clear conscience, determination and will,” stressing that throughout the past three decades of being in power, his party members have always remained true to their convictions. “If we wanted or accepted to compromise our principles, convictions, transparency and honesty, we would be in another place today,” he said.
“After the elections are over, we will form with the successful candidates the ‘Southern Mount Lebanon’ parliamentary bloc, and it will be your voice in Parliament, reflecting your aspirations for the next stage,” Arslan pledged, addressing the attending crowd.




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