| 1 December 2023, Friday |

As tensions rise in Lebanon, inspections conducted to prevent traders from stockpiling, monopolizing

The Governor of Northern Lebanon, Judge Ramzi Nohra, has issued a directive prohibiting the storage of goods with the intention of monopolizing them and gaining undue profits. The directive expresses concern that some traders may exploit the circumstances and challenges facing the country by stockpiling food and essential supplies for the purpose of future price manipulation.

Such acts are considered criminal offenses, involving fraud, deception, and unjust speculation, which can lead to creating a sense of panic and fear among citizens. Additionally, it may hinder citizens’ access to essential food items, potentially affecting their food security.

Therefore, the district governors are requested to instruct municipalities to conduct thorough inspections of all warehouses and stores selling food and consumable items to ensure that they are not stockpiling these goods with the intent to manipulate prices in case of any crisis in the future.

The authorities are also instructed to issue reports against violators or those who manipulate food prices to generate unlawful profits. In case traders refuse or obstruct the required inspections, it is requested to seek the necessary security assistance.

  • Sawt Beirut International