| 28 September 2022, Wednesday |

Asmar: Random subsidies’ lifting will lead to disasters

Head of General Labor Union, Bchara Al-Asmar, confirmed that “things are heading for the worse after the rise in all fuel prices,” and said that “we are facing a described catastrophe, which is likely to deteriorate further, and the gasoline plate is likely to rise to 400,000. Therefore, the matter must be addressed quickly with permanent work cells.”
Asmar called via a radio interview, for “a dialogue to a minimum level of solutions, because the previous agreement with the previous government, stated on not to lift the subsidy before the launch of the financing card, in addition to launching a drug card, and the current government has not implemented any of the previous agreements ”
“There must be a permanent movement, as we are witnessing an exceptional crisis, and the dialogue with the launch of the financing card is very important,” wondering: “How is the schedule of fuel prices installed without the presence of a representative of the General Labor Union, and we demand the lifting of TVA on oil derivatives.” Asmar concluded.