| 25 June 2021, Friday |

Asmar: Stop accusations and disguised subsidies lifting

The President of the General Labor Union, Dr. Bechara Al-Asmar, confirmed at the central sit-in at the Federation headquarters that “”Our central issue is to form a rescue government of specialists immediately,” considering that “without a government, there are no solutions.”

Asmar said: “ We are meeting today for the sake of Lebanon, and our central issue is to form a rescue government of specialists immediately without which there are no solution as dilemmas are exacerbated”. He added, “What is required is a prompt treatment of everything, standing with our workers and supporting them. working class should rally behind  the General Labor Union, and we will initiate assessments and meetings to expand the trade union ring towards a unified union front that keeps pace with developments.

He concluded: “Stop quoting, accusations, and raising support indiscriminately without any alternative plan and in a disguised way, as is happening today with regard to food, medicine and medical supplies, and lifting subsidies will lead to the collapse of the entire guarantor system, the first of which is Social Security

Noting that the Association of Public Administration Employees called for a general strike today and tomorrow, in protest against the deteriorating economic and living conditions and the low minimum wages