| 2 December 2021, Thursday |

Asmar: To provide 100,000 LBP transportation allowance per day for private and public sectoremployees 

The Head of the General Labor Union, Bechara Asmar demanded in a statement that “the transportation allowance should be set at 100,000 LBP per day for the private and public sector employees, after the insane increase in fuel prices.”

Asmar called for being fair to the public and private sector employees, contractors, and retirees, whether working in public institutions, municipalities, government hospitals, schools, the National Social Security Fund and Tele Liban TV. He said that employees should be provided a full month’s assistance for each salary they receive, provided that this assistance is calculated in end-of-service compensation for those referred to retirement during this period. These grants and compensation should also be applied on military corps and retirees.”

Asmar said that the Index Committee should convene to come up with positive results in raising the minimum wages, and wage supplements for workers in the private sector, and providing them monthly aid similar to the public sector, which is officially declared to the NSSF, and recalculating the end-of-service compensation at the exchange rate of 3,900, including the announced grants and increases, to compensate the insured for the great loss resulting from the collapse of the national currency.

He noted “the great role of the Minister of Labor, Judge Mustafa Bayram, and the Minister of Finance, Mr. Youssef Khalil, to make all these proposals happen amid these tough times.”